About Mirage Diamond


A creative great craftsmanship where smaller fancy cut diamonds are cut and polished to be matched and shaped to give an illusion of a larger diamond shape. It has striking resemble to a solitaire diamond for a reasonable price that customers consider worth paying for.

Mirage diamond is widely popular as Pie cut diamonds and are available in more than 10 geometric shapes and there are few other shapes as well, like a Meditating Buddha and few others. The most popular shapes are Emeralds and Ascher cut and it is also available in Rounds, Pears, Marquise, Cushion, Star, Hearts, etc.

1ct-5ct carat face look is quite popular as its easily available but larger sizes are found with difficulty in sourcing.

In technical terms the diamond face look is approximately 3-5 times for its physical carat weight making it very reasonable for the buyer.

All the diamonds at Trinity Designer Jewel are Natural and we promise to deliver VVS clarity with F color diamonds unless a client has a special requirement.

Jewelry making is a challenging part while grooving the diamonds and carefully set then in formation using a laser machine which is not available with every factory. Hence its not easy for every factory to make Mirage diamond Jewelry 

The only reason of these diamonds being popular is their price point properties and nothing else as they could be 80-90% savings from buying a single diamond.

Single diamond definitely has their own charm and richness but not everyone can afford.

But Emerald cut have recently gained popularity due to some celebrities made it very popular by showcasing their jewelry consistently.

More importantly,mirage diamond in Emerald shapes are reasonable than other shapes and they are quite consistent in carat weight compared to other shapes