Attending major international trade shows all around the year, life at job was all about traveling but there was no aim & target in life to make it exciting.

Being in the jewelry industry for almost 20 years and all we knew was jewelry but there are many challenges in this Industry. Since the market was already flooded with all sorts of jewelry we wanted to help people who are willing to buy a larger diamond but could not afford it. Hence, with the travel experience we knew that illusion diamond jewelry will do well as our target was to approach clients who have price point jewelry buyers.

This is where we decided to do Pie cut diamond line of jewelry and made Quality as our strength.

Based in Thailand since 2004 and Bangkok being jewelry manufacturing capital with skilled workers, we chose to make this as our base and this is where Trinity designer jewel company was born.

We named the Illusion jewelry collection as Mirage diamond jewelry and it really started to help customers to buy a solitaire look illusion diamond at a comparatively cheaper price.

All this wont be possible with help from some dear friends who either supported us with manpower in  factory and some with regular diamond supply

The response was quite overwhelming initially and then the Covid -19 pandemic knocked the world which had a significant impact on all businesses, and jewelry is the last thing people would buy at moments like these.

This brought us back to square one and we struggled as the pandemic seemed to be never ending and Thailand closed its doors for over a year making it even further difficult. With no options left we gave a shot at online business and spent hours every day to research and learn this business. We made sure to answer every question no matter how funny it may sound and, in few months, we really received potential inquiries which we converted them into business opportunities and further delivered pieces beyond their expectations.

We came in touch with many buyers who accepted our designs and it worked well with repeat orders.

We never compromised on quality and engineered every piece with passion.

Today, we have many collections which we don’t sell/showcase on online platforms as its customized as per client’s requirements.

It all started with a dream few years ago and we are already on a path to make it bigger by focusing on International exhibitions starting with Bangkok (twice a year) & Hong Kong jewellery show (3 times a year)

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We hope you enjoy selling /wearing our jewelry as much as we enjoy creating them for you!

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You can write us at trinitydesignerjewel@gmail.com for a free quote of your custom design and we will be happy to deliver.